My Husband Bill and I have been birding since 1986, and although we are birders at heart, I enjoy photography immensely even though I am just a novice. The first few years of my attempts at photography was with a Canon 400D SLR, using Canon 35-80, Canon 40-75WA and Tokina 80-400 Zoom lenses. In 2013 I changed my camera to a Canon 7D SLR and changed the Tokina lens to a Sigma 150-500 Zoom. I had a practice run with the 150-500 zoom in Llandudno in October of that year, then took it to Sri Lanka in February 2014, I was pleased with the results and this camera/lens combination stayed with me for the next six years. However, distaster struck in 2019 when we were Whale watching in Colombia, the 7D was badly damaged by saltwater and stopped working, sadly this was unrepairable and left me with only my 400D. Disaster stayed with me as when we were in India the 400D stopped working for no reason, I did however manage to get it repaired, but too late for the India shots. It may have been fate as I was starting to have problems holding the camera and lens still, I was feeling the weight, I was getting frustrated as my photos were bad blurry images also my arthiritic fingers struggled to wind the zoom, so in 2020, during the Coronavirus Pandemic, I decided to trade in all of my photographic kit and opted for a Canon SX70, small, compact and lightweight, it has a good zoom lens, with macro facility, also video and wifi. During Covid we visited local reserves, this gave me the opportuinty to play with the SX70 and I was pleased with the results, I can absolutely recommend it. We are now in February 2023, and hopefully the World is winning the battle with Covid. When Covid started to ease and we are all able to get out and about again, Bill and I took the opportunity to continue with our travel and birding trips, which we had sorely missed. In January 2022 we spent some time with Cathy & Clay in Florida, and were lucky enough to see a Rocket Launch from Cape Canaveral, in March we took a five day trip to Iceland and saw fabulous Orca whales, May saw us back on the Greek Island of Lesvos and December saw us on a birding trip to Panama, where we spent Christmas with Cathy & Clay.

Some of my images are not particularly good, not sharp or perfect focus, but for me it's about the bird so if the image isn't good, the bird is, and that's why it would have been included in the website - birder at heart !! hope you enjoy aprilsavianimages, and thankyou for visiting my site.